The Amazing Loofah!

Contrary to common misconception, loofah sponge is a vegetable fiber – not a sea sponge!
Species: Luffa aegyptiaca / Luffa cylindrica

Prized in many cultures as an edible vegetable when the fruits are young, the inner network of fibers of the vine-ripened loofah fruits harden to form the recognizable loofah sponges which have a multitude of uses throughout the home.

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The Many Uses of Loofah
The sheer versatility of loofah is incredible!

biodegradable • vegan • cruelty-free • non-toxic • mildew-resistant • hypo-allergenic • machine-washable

all-purpose cleaning •bath & beauty • crafts • pet toys • filler • filtration • soapmaking

Loofah Can Be
cut • dyed • flattened • glued • painted • powdered • shaped • shredded • stapled • stitched • taped

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Specializing in loofah shapes and sizes commonly used for Bath & Beauty, Crafting, Soap-Making and Household Use.

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